Thursday, July 20, 2006

World Jump Day @ “跳地球”日


updated:2006-07-19 19:10:59 MYT





台灣大學物理系主任張慶瑞表示,地球與太陽距離約15000萬公里,即使6億人同時在同一地點從1公尺高度往下跳,大約只會使地球與太陽距離增加0.015奈米,大約是氫原子半徑的一半,這樣的距離,連肉眼都看不出來。 (星洲日報/國際2006/07/19

Taiwan - Improving The Green House Effect
600Million people in "World Jump Day"
updated:2006-07-19 19:10:59 MYT

(Taiwan) Come on! To improve the Earth current condition, let us all 600 million people jump together!

In the order to improve the condition on Earth, Germany artist Rosmane* astabilished a website, calling in 600 million people to jump together on Greenwich dated at 20th July, 1139 hours and 13th second (Malaysia timing is July 20th 1939 hours 13th second), with the hope of making the Earth move away from the Sun a little bit.

Many has responded to his calling and about 598million people has already signed up to join his "jump".

Even so, there are many opposing parties around. Some thinks that it is very dangerous for the Earth to move out from it's orbit; some afraid that they might have to change the calender; some people even wondered if it is possible to make so many ppl to jump up together at the same time.

Supervisor Zhang Qing Rui* of Physics stream from University of Taiwan stated that, the distance between the Sun and Earth is about 150 million kilometres, even if 600 million people jump from the height of 1 metre at the same time, it will only added about 0.015nm** to the distance in between, which is roughly half the diameter of a hydrogen atom. Such small distance can't even be seen by naked eye. (Sin Chew Jit Poh/ Reuters - 2006/07/19)

*Translated names
**nm is the unit of measurement for length, 1nm is about the size of some virus

Well, funny isn't it? I never knew that I'll do some kind of translation like this. Wanna jump together? I hope you guys get to read this before running out of time to do so. Note that the mandarin article is the original while the one in English is from me. I failed to find the English article so, you-know-la.

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