Sunday, July 23, 2006

UTAR's Sports Carnival

It was certainly a tiring and exciting day. Of course, not to mention all the injuries that everyone got on their body.

I took part in Captain's Ball and also Dodge Ball. Hmmm.. Guess what? I had never play any of these games before! Not only me but most of my teammates too! Oh well, who cares? We were there for fun.

To cut it short, for both the games, my teams won 2 games and lost the third match. It was the match to qualify us to the semi-final. FYI, my teams were made up of males and females. For some of the opposing teams, they have all males, mainly. My teams are great, aren't they? Just imagine that those opposing teams were playing so rough, the girls in my team still dare to charge to those "beasts" in order to win! They really made great effort. One guy in my team got his toe broken a few weeks back (and still under recovery )but he still joined us for the games. I can see some of the people like Dr Tai, Weng Hong, Dzi Liang all, quiet in class but they are real sportmen here on the battle field.

We really enjoyed the whole process. There is one match, Dodge Ball, we did not lose actually. Everyone around saw what actually happened. Referee was bias, opponent's player was faking( and everyone else hate this guy, cause he cheated a lot and referee DIDN'T SEE ). We named him the RED 7. This guy gonna be looked down forever in his life in UTAR as long as those who saw what he did still there. Padan muka! Fake some more lah!

We got so many injured teammate, keep on substituting. Non-stop. I really pity them and I respect them all at the same time, for being really spiritful to fight till the end even if they were badly injured. *Bow Bow* Especially to Weng Sheng and Dr Tai, not forgetting all my fellow teammates and our supporters! Thank you! Thank you!

From my eyes, I can see that people who we seldom talked to, now playing as a team, we still can act together very well, so much of good coordination. Amazing! Really. That's the only words that I can use to describe my feelings. They all worked really hard and did their very best! I'm really touched now.. Feel like dripping a tear or two. Haha.

Today, I did things that I never dare to do. There were a few things but I could only remember one because everything happened so fast. The one that I remembered was, I was the goalkeeper for my team. The ball was shot at me. I thought of doing something else to stop the ball. But, my body did something else. I bend down my knees, shiftly, I jump out from the place that I should be at, grabbed the ball, rolled a few rounds on the ground before I stand up. That's the best saving to me on this very day! Of course, to me only lah! Let me tell you something. Martial arts really helps. All those training that I've been through like how to fall safely, I made use of them. And that is why I'm not physically injured, except for my back, one stupid guy landed on my back. It hurts a little till now but not very bad. Hopefully tomorrow I can still stand on my feet.

Ahhh... What a great day. It has been a while since my last exercise. I put everything I got into it. I love this kind of feeling where everybody is working their very best, towards a goal. Everybody listens to command, backup each another, with the never ending fighting spirit!

Arigato everyone! We had done our very best! Keep it up! Hope to play more games with you guys in the future! Love ya all!!! Muaksss!!


psze said...

hey man!long time din c u liao!so hw r u?it seems like u r reli enjoying ur life in utar...loads of interesting activities...1st time c ur blog...nvr noe u can reli crap a lot...haha!

buttercup said...

hey!!! never expected you to be here!!! haha.. welcome welcome! haha... u got a blog? tell me ya so tht i can link you there! haha.. I crap alot? you're wrong... haha.. i'm trying to "improve" my english here.. haha... nice to "meet" you back! haha..

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