Friday, July 14, 2006


Dear Mr. Mouse,

I would like to send my highest graditude to you and your clans who sacrifice your blood for us. I deeply greatful of that. Without you all, human won't survive this long I believe. Here is a memorandum for you, specially for you, Mr. Mouse.

Me with Mr. Mouse posing

Dead Mr.Mouse with the heart still beating. If you notice closely, you'll be able to see Mr.Mouse's poo poo was sticking half way out!

Hmmm, I don't know about those my Form Six friends if you all ever get to take the pictures of the dissection. I do! Haha!

Last time, I was jealous of with my ex-schoolmates who got to dissect mice/frogs. Well, now I get the chance. I hope that my decision, that lead me into this course is never wrong. Mr. Mouse, thanks again!


minsoon said...

I didn't think a mouse would shit his ass off when it's being executed by a scary human being who keeps repeating "mousy~ mousy~ mousy"...

You proved me wrong.

Remember to take pictures when you start dissecting the human body ah !!

buttercup said...

wat??? scientifically i dunno but to me, i think it's because it's muscle keep on constricting and cramp tht makes it poo. haha.. i dunno how far i went wrong, someone pull me back pls! haha.. hey mins, when u coming back la? y no news one? july is gonna end!

MinSoon said...

I'll come back when I have a angmoh girlfriend to show off....!! (in progress)

Told you already loh !!

Shit about that poo... it just came up... did you dig the shit out of the mouse's asshole out of sadistic curiousity ??? Huh ???

(minsoon the great detective glares with his sharp, cunning eagle eyes at guilty kenny...)

The long silence means I'm right ?? Huh ????

buttercup said...

ahem.. rite... who wants to dig those poo poo out man? i din do tht.. haha. cos i know the smell.. but i errr.. cut its testes..haha... eh. ang mo gf?means you'll never come back d la? sigh.. pity.. haha.. or u mean a angmo bf (as in gf)? haha...

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