Saturday, July 15, 2006

Democratic? LMAO!!!

Was chatting with Sim Mei and it triggered me off! Not your fault Sim Mei, it's myself who can't stand them. Initially I don't want to post this but, come and think of it, here's the place where my thoughts fly, isn't it?

Well, a few days back, a society in UTAR, which I was in, had an AGM to choose the new board members. Ok, it's an AGM, it's my duty to be there isn't it? Like normal thingy, there goes the speeches, bla bla bla. FYI, the old board is really not well organised. The Prez and Vice quarreled during the meeting itself, in front of everybody. Isn't that embarrassing? They fought like nobody's business, just like no one there looking at them. That wasn't the main thing.

Our society was "divided" to 2 clans, name it Y and Z. I am in the Y. Here comes the BIG thing. The voting session. Guess how they chose the committee members? They just name 3 nominees each from both clans, and there you go. 6 committe members. Later they moved on to Auditor, Treasurer, Secretary. Here come the President position. I casted my vote to Clan Z's nominee. We vote for who we think is capable, didn't we? Later on, it turned out that he won, Clan Z's nominee.

"Why did you vote for them?", asked Asshole A*. I explained to him that the voting session itself is not fair at all! Those assholes said that, whatever happened, they must let Clan Y get the Prez. Obviously, so-called-my-clan's members are outnumbered the other party. We can win in every single position. So why do we do the voting for? For fun? Just to show that you all are DEMOCRATIC? Pluuease la..

"We must get these two position. Treasurer and President. So that we know the flow of the money and we have the say. I can know where the money all went as well!", said Asshole B*. I didn't say back anything. Deep in my heart : So? When you get these positions last year, Clan Z not worried la? Or I should say, why must them worry? Or, more appropiately, why are you worrying where the money will go? UTAR is very strict about where each single cent in UTAR went to. How they want to cheat the money? Does all this not make any sense to you at all?

To make this even more pathetic, these people are over their twenties and guess what, Psychology students. Great? Hell ya! They are so immature, so so so so childish. Board members are supposed to sit down and talk, to discuss, not to suspect each other and draw a border line with people from the other clan. I just don't know what all these assholes are thinking. And I just don't understand why I keep bumping into these kind of people this year, especially. Don't know why. Is this a test from Him? To test my patience towards these people? He knows!!!

I'm not going to step back because you all are pressuring me in a way. No way. Try me. Let me warn you in advance, if you happened to read this, don't make me mad. You'll regret it. But worry not, there's still a lot of things that you assholes can do to irritate me. Just wait till the volcano erupt.

*Asshole A = Treasurer and Asshole B = President, the committe members for 2005/06

Amazing, isn't it?


lw said...

the best thing to enjoy life is to stay out of politics.. lol

buttercup said...

haha.. they say you din go for AGM u can't join the society.. damn.. forced to..

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