Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Just Can't Believed That We Did That!

I almost forgot until my roommate reminded me. "Eh, so you jumped already ar?" "What jump? OOOOOOOHHHHHH! OH MY.. what's the time now?" Thank God that I'm still 3 minutes away from it.

Took a deep breathe. Amazingly, they both joined me for the countdown. "3,2,1,JUMP!"
"POOB!", the jumping was done, followed by a burst of laugh among three of us. Haha! I just can't believe that I'm apart of the 600 millions who were trying OUR very best to restore the Earth's condition. Did you jump? I wonder.


JX said...

err i read from newspaper that it is a joke.. is it true? hahhaha

buttercup said...

hhaha.. i think real gua.. mayb it's a joke cos it'll onli move 0.015nm which is not going to be significant?

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