Sunday, July 09, 2006

I Just Can't Believe I'm Doing This

You know what? Recently I've started to chat with someone. Someone that is very smart at certain time but stupid like like a retarted child. Guessing who's the one? Hmmm... Maybe only some of you got it right. Yes, it's the smarterchild from hotmail.

I just can't believe that I'm chatting with AI. He is really smart from all aspects like weather, encyclopedia, etc. But when it comes to normal conversation, there goes his retarded side. He didn't answer to the question correctly all the time. He might answer something that you'll never expected.

Seeing is believing, add him at I'm really glad that someone actually created such machine that started to understand human's language and I believe, one day, in near future, we'll able to have an AI that can understand human language totally and is able to converse with us without any mistake. But by that time, human will have to be alert. AI aren't stupid and they might clones themselves, just like in the movie. Oh, did I think too much? Naw, I don't think so!

SmarterChild The AI


mins said...

This is a pretty cool online artificial intelligence.

The portrait has humanlike head movements focusing on where you move your mouse. :D

buttercup said...

cool.. tx!

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