Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Scary Wednesday Morning

I woke up at 8. Calculated some of my ang pau money and I prepared to bank them in. So after getting everything ready, I put on my sport shoes and I walked to the Petronas at the back of my housing area to bank in the money.

On the way... I suddenly realised a kind of murderer sense. Very... very deep... very deep. I took my head up, and look at them. There were 3 of them. 2 in full green and 1 was wearing track suit.

"Something's not right.", I said to myself. I observed closely as I walked by. These guys never even blink their eyes as I passed by. The same way, I stared at them with my murderous sense and released my reiatsu.

I looked into them much more firely. Then out of a sudden, I noticed some yellow lines on the arm of both of the men in green.

"Hmmm... that must be Lans Koperal, and that.... must be a Sarjan.", I was relieved.

"That in civilian suit must be high ranking officer. At least Leftenan Muda", I thought.

*Light bulb!!!*

Why were them staring at me? What's wrong with these people? Didn't they see a fat assleng cai from before? I walked further down. Suddenly, I saw something green moving around me. I looked again.

WTF KNNCCB @#$@#^%@$!^#^#$^!%!@#%!&^@%!%!^!!!!!! I was wearing my army T-shirt with short pants, with my foreset of leg hair, with messy-just-woke-up-from-bed-hair plus haven't-shaved-face, in army T-shirt.

I immediately walked as fast as I could, and possibly, one of my fastest walk in this one year period. Really, it's scary to think back if they suddenly halt me and ask: "Eh kau di sana, lapor!".

Then I shall reply:"Sarjan, kau lapor!. Saya 6156380, Kapten Benjamin Lee, Batallion 2, Rejimen 515! LAPOR!", then after they lapor I'll kick their asses and I'll run away. Hahaha!

It's seriously scary at that moment. If I was caught that untidy, I would have doomed. I still have about 4 years of contract with ATM. No kidding.

p/s: Well trained military people can easily notice if the T-shirt is real or fake through their years of experience. And the worst thing is, I was wearing the army T-shirt, produced by Angkatan Tentera Malaysia itself. All the designs are the same throughout Malaysia. How would I not be recognised?

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