Sunday, March 23, 2008

No Gaming

The picture says it all

Until final is over. Once in a while I think still can gua. Haha! I had this pic as my wallpaper for now.


Samuel said...

KENNY!!!!!! DOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol :p

smiley said...

kenny a, your other alternative hor
not torturing also!!!
quite rewarding lor!!!!!!

hwang said...

until final is over?
if that really happen, i belanja pizza...
means that its not going to happen...

buttercup said...

can. after my final or this coming friday or saturday. hahahha!

tht alternative is not possible la!!! hahahaha! u notty gal!

yay! got free pizza!

andrew said...

hey Bcup, actually gaming is ok, it isnt really tat bad, u knw after studying the whole day, a few rounds is actually relaxing, of course unless ur losing.

Jun Xue said...

LOL one week only.. surely you can do it! Come on! It's your last chance to set things right! March on ahead Kenny!

buttercup said...

lol... but the thing is, I'm winning and it makes me wanna play more. hahaha!

hahaha! today first day. see how the "no gaming" goes. yosh!

smiley said...

but a... but..hahaahhah if that alternative is not possible, what are you going to do wor ?
when you sosososo freaking want to game!!!!!!
*innocent look*

I agree with Hwang !!!
i want pizza too!!!
hurm...lets see ....throw in another one la.=)
I Belanja MC D ice cream =P

(*angel*smiley: kenny a !! was joking nie la ...all the best ya =), really hope that i can belanja you ice cream. Mc Flurry ok ??^-^ jia you!!)

buttercup said...

no no no!! i have a good control over my "lust" to gaming now! hahahahahahah! then i'm getting 1 pizza and one McFlurry d wo! I want large.. EXTRA LARGE!!!

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