Saturday, March 01, 2008

Bday 4 Years Once + Stranded @ Jalan Duta

Well, it's only four years once rite? We have decided to go to Wong Kok at SS2, PJ to celebrate these two's birthday. So, let's not talk more and go to Wong Kok!

Wong Kok @ PJ SS2

We just love photo shooting

Teh Ice BESAR satu! And I find Wei Chun's expression funny!

Group shot using a 1 year old SE W810i

Group shot using a 2-month-old Nokia N82

XinYi & Nicky the key persons of the day

Yummy Fruit Cake

We born on the same day of the very rare year, and today, we hold our hands together, and cut the cake

Black, left, clockwise: Chen, Bird, Woan, Anne & Bday gal, XY

I love the wall!!!

Oh ShiT! You caught me drinking Teh Ice!

That was me, half way through drinking that 1 cup of Teh Ice... Not!

Well then, after the celebration, we go back as per planning.

Chen:"Errr, stop at the next gas station to pump some gas ya.", she said to Ray.

Ray:"Oh ok."

After not too long...

The Car:"*cough cough!*"

Ray:"Errr... I think we are now running out of gas... We must find gas station immediately!" and he made a turning into Jalan Duta.

The Car:"*COUGH COUGH COUGH!*", and it shook all of us inside.

We pulled over and stopped by the roadside. Luckily enough, we have another friend, YC driving. We made calls to him and requested him to help us out by buying petrol. Due to curfew, he'll had to send a few girls back first before he can come back to us. Well actually, they had planned to feed the car some syrup but they forgotten. And, the syrup indicater is spoilt, that's why none of us realised there's no syrup until the last minute.

So, what did the 5 of us who got stranded in Jalan Duta did? We sang... in the rain. We sang Negaraku. We sang lullaby. We sang new songs. We sang the goldies. And of course. Some of us "fought".

T_T... Car no petrol...

And I got a torn pants from "fighting"

Well, it's not really that bad after actually. It's just only drinking a Teh Ice Besar, a rainy day, with a stranded car, with a bunch of people, singing in the rain, until the rain stops, got a torn pants, and until the help came. It's seriously a memorable day for the five of us. 29th February 2008.

p/s: Check out this and that. People are getting much cleverer nowadays. There are a few videos actually but I don' t know why I didn't get to upload them into YouTube. So... Too bad!!!


Samuel said...

damn it!! must bday oni can get the MOTHER OF ALL TEH AIS!!!!

so whose bday here coming soon... teman me go get the MOTHER OF ALL TEH AIS... u can pay the money but i will help u drink it!!

buttercup said...

haha... see la who's bday is near go to wong kok at new JJ. haha!

and i think the Teh Ice Besar is free... if i'm not mistaken.

Esther said...

omfg!!!! why so biggggg one?! how many ppl drink only can finish wor?

buttercup said...

haha.. it depends on personal capacity lo. there's 2 cup, one cup, 7 ppl finished it, the other one, 3 ppl finished it. hahaa!

go la wong kok in new JJ when ur bday. i think they have this service.

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