Thursday, February 28, 2008


Yeah, you might thought that why out of a sudden ButTeRcUp has stopped blogging. Well, it is totally not on his own will man! These few weeks had been a ground zero for almost everyone of us here in UTAR.

And finally, I get my rest today... Not! After this, I'll still have to get ready for tomorrow's lab, and then the following lab test and also metabolic biochemistry mid term. It's all to be due NEXT WEEK! Dang!

However, we still have a bit time for photo-taking.

Launching of Safety Campaign @ UTAR

You Could Be Next! Don't risk it! Be Prepared!

I won a prize! Must not open my mouth else they'll see my golds!

HAhahahahahahahaha... I can't stand straight already! Muahahah!

Multi-millionaire, Raymond on the left and millionaire, Elaine on the right

Yesterday, we somehow managed to get to meet up with Tan Sri for a lunch meeting. And yeah, this is the first time me, the ButTeRcUp having a meeting with so damn many senior officers and BODs and CEOs.

"Oooi! Got take me leng cai leng cai or not?"

Munch! Munch!

Seriously, this is a lunch meeting. No kidding!

I'm lovin' it!

Tan Sri, President of UTAR is resigning on the 1st of April 2008. April Fool Not! Good luck ahead Tan Sri Dato' Dr. Ng Lay Swee.


Min Soon said...

Seriously nice photos man. I liked the first and third picture a lot. The third picture had a guy right behind the poster.... YOU COULD BE NEXT. D:

BTW, how did Elaine earn her first million ? Self-start-up business ? :O

buttercup said...

lol.. thanks dude. Elaine? tht Raymond's the one who gave the 1 million to her, hence, millionaire.

Anonymous said...

Buttercup, I'm an alumni from UTAR (1st batch of student that joined in 2002) and it also came to a shock to know Ng Lay Swee will be resigning (only found out today).

I heard she will be taken over by someone from MMU.
Do you know the name of the person that will be replacing ng lay swee?


Më| §zë said...

OMG! really eating McD!

buttercup said...


Hi... would u like to introduce yourself too? haha... We only know that one person called Dr Chua/Chuah will be joining us as President but we are unsure of whether this person is a male or female.

OR, maybe I heard the name wrongly but one thing I'm quite sure is, the current vice presidents will not be the next president.

mei sze:
ya la! i'm not lying!

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