Saturday, February 16, 2008

UTAR vs OldTown

Went to OldTown for the first time for dinner just now. The atmosphere is not bad, except for that butt-sweating-sofas, the rest are pretty much decorated. Eating in OldTown is a bit pricey, but some of the items are worth to try.

They don't have much choices in OldTown actually, so I ordered prawn mee. And my friend recommended me their toast, so I ordered one too.

Special chopsticks that have my nick!

Prawn mee, not that nice compared to Penang's. So, just ok ok la

The Toast

Using peanut as the fillings and honey with butter as the appetizer, it's just great!


And so, we paid the bill, and we got a 10% discount because I'm Buttercup we are students from Universiti TAkde Rehat.

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