Sunday, February 03, 2008

During CNY, UTAR's Student Boleh!!!

Obviously, this post is dedicated to all the UTAR's students. They have tonnes of assignments, homeworks, lab reports, bla bla bla at hands, not forgetting that they are having all the tests, quizzes coming up to them once they are back from their CNY.

Basically, I think that it is rather a discouraging act for the students to go back to their hometown in that sense. I don't know about you all but I definitely think so. I would rather stay in KL and finish up my work rather then going back to Penang for a few days with no Internet connection and all-the-job-got-stucked-and-stacked-up situation.

Since UTAR's a MCA based organisation, can't they be more considerate, before more and more think-alike-me are losing the interest to visit their hometown, which is a tradition for Chinese for centuries.

Pelajar UTAR Boleh~ And I do hope the tradition of the Chinese goes on.




andrew said...

b-cup, i myself a utar-ed student living in pg, during the cny, we just went back and took an extra couple of days off to be in pg. studies ain't everything, if u can't finihs ur assignments, there is always ur frens to copy off, ahahahahaha

Samuel said...

Haiz... my lecturers at uni also gives us tonnes of assignment and lab reports la... until ki siao d...

but i still haven't really start writing anything yet so far, though I promised myself that I will finish it before this holidays end..

haha.. procrastination rulz!

buttercup said...

Hi hi! happy CNY wo! haha! well, it's like, u having quiz right after the CNY (mind you, before the real CNY actually ends) isn't give you the mood to enjoy the holiday rite?

muahaha! procastination. should try to take pics on that!

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