Thursday, February 21, 2008

Big Bang Theory

So, after waiting for more than 2 hours, it's finally my group's turn to present. Bla bla bla and there it goes.

We were doing on the topic Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan and there comes in alot of beliefs and so on. Then there comes the Utilitarianism, introduced by JeremyBentham (1748-1832), enhanced by Charles Darwin(1859).

Out of a suddenly, he asked a question.

"Mengapakah Teori Evolutionari Charles Darwin diterima dan bukannya Big Bang Theory? "


All of us got stunned! It's like, WTF??!

We can't come out with an answer. I thinked, and thinked, and thinked.

*Light bulb lighten up!* "Ini adalah kerana Big Bang Theory hanya diperkenalkan pada lewat kurun ke-19 dan awal kurun ke-20. Bagaimanakah Jeremy yang dilahirkan pada tahun 1748 dapat menerima Big Bang Theory?!"

"(O_O*)(He is like, OMG! What did I just asked? Malu!).....JAWAPAN YANG BAGUS! BERIKAN TEPUKAN!", and the class clapped their hand, without knowing what happened, because, most of them weren't listening anyway.

Well, it seems to me that, he don't even know what he is asking. He don't even know the timeline and he's asking about Big Bang.

Just another day in UTAR...


Jun Xue said...

LOL Actually he didn't mentioned Jeremy could terima the the Big Bang theory..... or is it a typo?

Anyways well done lol! It's always good to get back at your lectuere... muahahah!

Perhaps you can try something like this: From your question, I can tell that you have not done sufficient background reading in this field. Please read up more before opening your mouth and asking such questions again in the future...

LOL! Although I am sure you will kenna tiao back by the lecturer next time.. hahah!

buttercup said...

mauahhaah! if i really did said that, tht's the last day of me in UTAR for sure!

and, it's his mistake tht he did not do enough "research".

MyKy said...

haha. We always have people who tried to act smart when they're not... I get that all the time. Lol

A very very VERY good come back!! Bien indeed!!

Maybe u should've chuckled, acting as though tht question is ridiculous.

buttercup said...

hahaha! wat's bien?!!? muahaha! if i chuckle, tht's the end of my group's marks man! haha!

well, we students rite, respect a bit ma. haha!

Samuel said...

Hey!!! I am seriously smart and I am not acting it up wan... just tat luck is not with me... wakakkakakkaka

lol :D

From the bonkers

Porcupine said...

Kenny The Botak has pwned The Lecturers head for 300 gold!!!

buttercup said...


play more blackjack b4 u go exam to know if u can shoot in exam. haha!


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