Sunday, February 17, 2008

OldTown Revisited + Eat Your Noodles Like This!

Again, went to OldTown for lunch. It's not like we are rich or something but it's really out of nothing to eat in this area!

Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang, RM8.30, damn nice!

Blueberry Toast

Not really that nice

My friends ordered 2 extra plate of sambal. See the last item on the receipt!

And I would like to let you see how you should eat your noodles! I've never seen people eat like this before!

Eat your noodles like this!


Samuel said...

haha... proven.. kenny you are super rich.. when wanna treat me!!

lol :D

buttercup said...

swt.. it's not me rich ok! and it's not me who ate RM 70 bucks oooi! it's a total of 8 ppl!!! u come my area you'll know how bad is it when the CHINESE MIXED RICE STALL is up for holiday till choi 15 T_T.. i miss the mixed rice very much!

Samuel said...

haha... kesiannye... well.. you can maggi mee everyday ma.. den can kurangkan berat badan... lol :D

andrew said...

looks like someone is damm loaded and tat person din even bother to give gift to the person who answered correctly the question that was promised a gift, sigh, the world nowadays.

Ah Liau said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ah Liau said...

hei hei.. juz drop by n noticed a v shocking thing.. i nvr tot dat u can eat in oldtown kopitiam until 70 bucks man.. u reli keng..

buttercup said...

yeah i just maggie-ed today.

it's written down there subject to change without prior notice.. T_T

ah liau:
swt... not me alone la.. siao! 8 ppl in total!

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