Friday, February 15, 2008


UTAR said that I might have to graduate one year from the time my batch graduates. Don't understand? My current batch will be graduating in the end of 2009 but I'll be graduating end of 2010, possibly.

Thanks to one of my repeated stupid mistake since years ago.

Decisions to be made. Where my money come from? Where I'll have to live? Where am I going? What guarantees me with that certificate, if I succesfully graduated? FYI, Biomedical Science actually isn't very popular yet in Malaysia, need not to mention about the job opportunity.

What should I do now? Study? Quit? If I study, what is the other opportunity costs that I'm giving up on? If I quit, what can I start doing now, especially without the certificate?

I AM a little bit lost now... Just give me some time and pick up my confidence again.


andrew said...

B-cup, keep ur chin up.

andrew said...

or, for that matter since ur B-cup, ur titties up.

Jun Xue said...

Well buttercup, keep your chin down and your guard up.. I suppose.. don't get knocked out!

You can do it.. now that you have made it so far, I'm sure you'd be able to do well...

Well even if you decide not to continue, I am sure you'll be able to do well in any job. =)

Min Soon said...

You only said "might have to". Don't worry too much about bad things that may never happen.

Make it so that the worst will not come. Take more classes, enroll in all semesters, sleep with the teachers. All it takes.

Fight to the end ! In all things it is better to hope than to despair.

Min Soon said...

Also, unique jobs are great in a way that there isn't much competition. You have to take into account that the biomedical industry grows in time, and also the fact that you only need ONE job. Just ONE job out of thousands.

Don't worry too much and just give your best !

buttercup said...

yeah my tities are up!

boxing style lol!

I think i'd choose slp with teachers... eh wait! no way.. all lecturers elder than 30 years old! I dowan!!

and.. thanks everyone who supported me to continue~~ I'll do my best!

MyKy said...

tiu wtf. u're worrying over your grades, or worry if u grad got no job.

If it's the former, then ma study la wtf. Sure can wan, this things can all be learned punya. If cannot be learnt, would there be such a course in the first place?

If it's the latter, tiu, u don't necessary have to work in your field of studies wan wat. All lies in whether or not u can adapt to the situations. Don't be rigid, instead of keeping your titties up as andrew said, keep flinging it around.

buttercup said...


haha... it's neither both, somehow. but never, i chose to continue. lol!

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