Saturday, February 09, 2008

Back In KL~

Due to some sudden circumstances, I was not able to go back to Penang and hence, there goes all the pictures. Well, never mind. Basically, staying at home is just as boring because, almost no one at home, except for my sister and two dogs.

Saw some fireworks from my place but too bad, the picture above is the best I can give to you. The rest not that good.


And the sky above...

The skies at my home are nice too. I'll be trying to catch up with its timing, next time.

Till then, happy CNY again, all the best!


Esther said...

hey.. kung hei fatt choy! you balik so fast to kl for what?! didn't get to see you also

buttercup said...

hehe.. gong hei FAT choi! err.. i think i should change to gong hei FAT CHOI... she won't be reading also rite? LOL.

come KL see me la~~ hahaha!

Esther said...

babi. thin ady ok. dun wanna see u ady la. go die far far. lol

buttercup said...

hahahaah! I won't die far far one lol! 888~

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