Monday, February 18, 2008

Till The End....

And the test started.

*Write and write and write*


It's written there "Mid Term Test".

I almost shouted out.

But luckily, with the knowledge I have during Foundation and I did study, I can do the papers.

FYI, I only noticed that it was Mid Term Test towards the end of the paper.

It's scary to know things at last minute.

It's a bit hard to put yourself together after the good news but luckily I'm good!

And Rachel, it's ten sentences only!


Porcupine said...

Good luck in your mid terms yo!
BTW, Old Town coffe gives discount for students one ah?

ButTeRcUp said...

yo! thanks! haha! yeah.. but i heard it seems to be only at our place. maybe our place got lot's of students tht's why. hahaha!

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