Monday, March 10, 2008


What does a group of numbers mean to you? 4D? Toto? Age?

Well to me, it means MY HEALTH! For goodness sake! My numbers are closed to 0.1 tonne. It's really close and I now really hope to reduce it to about 70.

I know I can. But, I'm lacking of that determination. I'm in search of that thing that motivates me. Anyone got any idea?

And yeah, recently I have uncountable pimples on my forehead and I'm rather helpless about it. So I went to the professional and let them do the job, that costs me a hole in my pocket.

It is not as enjoyable as I was expecting to be. In the early 20 minutes, I really enjoyed it that I almost fell asleep. Then it started to hurt. It hurts more. And more. In the end, it was about a 40-minute suffering from getting rid of the pimples. Tears filled up my eyes but she can't see. Because she covered my eyes with cottons. TT_TT

Well, it seems to be a good step for my beatification process. A long long one. Especially, with the numbers. it must not start with 8 or 9 and it must not end with 3 digits, if I want to leave long enough to see year 2100.

By the way, something to add on to your general knowledge. Female praying mantis will normally eats male praying mantis after mating.


Samuel said...

err.. tips on how to reduce weight...stop eating everytime at old town... and drink jumbo size teh ais aka... mother of all teh ais

tat way.. maybe u can increase ur wallet's weight and reduce ur weight in return... lol:D

Min Soon said...

Girls. Girls are the ultimate motivation to losing weight, kenny.

In fact, they are the ultimate motivation for everything.

The ability of being able to walk past this beautiful girl and pretend not to notice her, while she occasionally stares at you, and when you stare into her eyes with your passionately half-smiling glance, she blushes slightly and shies away, and then you walk up to her and have a small chat and then ask for her number, before saying goodbye while walking away without turning your back, while she stares at your strong muscular wide back moving away slowly..............

Yeah you get my point.

The second reason is to avoid turning gay. The less muscle you build, the higher the possibility that your testorone levels reduce at an earlier age. You wouldn't be able erect your dick as easily, mood swings, depression follows, ultimately you turn gay. This is coined as the "Male Menopause", and is indeed one very fucking scary reason to exercise and build muscle.

Min Soon said...



Min Soon said...




buttercup said...

LOL i'll try on that! but i still want tht teh ais!

OMG! U left 3 comments itself on testosterone. have u got enough for it? LOL!

andrew said...

the easiest way to lose weight is to eat maggi mee for like 3 months, save money and u'll thin down. hitting 0.1 tonne isn't cool!

buttercup said...

eating maggie for 3 months will get me 2 stoned kidney, died liver, dysfunction pancreas and spoilt bladder.. =p haha! i rather hit the 0.1 tonne dude! haha1

Samuel said...

Haha... wow.. so many spare part rosak... good ma you can throw them all away and also get to reduce weight without all of those things lo... :D

buttercup said...

lol.. then u may start ur maggie mee sessions now.

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