Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Yeap, once again, UTAR's students are being bombarded with non-stop tests/exams/lab tests/tests/exams/lab tests....

Today, I need to use my Bankai just to handle this stupid mid-term, which defeated me in last semester. This time, it'll be a sweet revenge. And I also wonder, is it ok if I proposed to Barisan Nasional to cut down on exams and assignments? I think they'll most probably approved it isn't it, since they are giving candies all over the Malaysia.

And to all the exams in the world:

Courtesy from Sam


Samuel said...

Oi... pencuri!! lol :D

Jun Xue said...

Aih... I feel that picture is meant for me now.. I SUCK dammit.. argh so lazy

buttercup said...

oooi! courtesy from sam d lo!!!! ahaha!

lol! we all suck! don't u suck a straw? lol!

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