Thursday, March 06, 2008

Chain Letter

You know? Sometimes I just really hate people who sent chain letters to me. Or even post them up in Friendster or Facebook or whatever it is.

"You God damn mother is gonna die is 5 minutes!", "Your fucking boyfriend will get the shit out of you in 20 days!", "You'll have 16 years of bad luck, for Aries" and what the fuck? I'm an Aries!!!

So what the hell do I care? I've beeen deleting this kind of emails since I was Form 3 when I first contacted with the Internet. I have never got any of the fucking curse fell on me and I am still me. Most importantly, I'm a better man! Much better! And I had a better life instead of 16 years of bad luck!

We are all civilised people and we study! Did your IT teacher/lecturer ask you to forward those stupid cursing emails? If they did, give me their names and I'll write immediately to our beloved PM right now as the candies are still hot and up for grab!

Common'! Use your blains people! Email can't curse people. Only people curse people. People can only accuse people via email but never drop a curse or something! Even Jesus don't say :"Hey, forward the mail or I don't bless you dude!". No God will said that and certainly, only stupid assholes that wanted to jammed up the net did. Stop being a jerk and don't forward those mails already! For God sake!

And seriously, not trying to offend of any readers here but I really need to say this if you forward those type of emails:



andrew said...

lolz, the pics funny man, but you gota hand it to them, some ppl are just afraid of being cursed.

buttercup said...

yeah... God bless them all!

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