Thursday, May 01, 2008

Why Does It Existed To Kill?

It seems to be my first time, having insonmia, for real. It has been the third day and yesterday was the most serious one, that I sleep only almost at 5am.

Many things are playing in my mind. One of the most important one is:
Is exam really worth all of it? What if exams takes life? Can we sue MOE/MOHE?

Let me tell you. Exam is really a murderer to me. It has not only kill many talents just because of that stupid paper of recognition, but it also had killed hundreds, perhaps thousands, just because of that paper.

I've seen examples before my eyes. It's not like everyone can know how to release their stress and tension like the others did. Many did not know how... Many really did not know how to.

Me, Kenny Yeoh standing here telling you, I have never trusted examinations since I was Form 4. Although it brings advances into all of us, but I still see it silently assassinating many that we have never seen. See it with your own eyes and you'll understand my stand.

If I ever one day become a minister, this will be one of the thing that I'll bring up to the Council.


Jun XUe said...

what then, do you propose to replace exams? How do we gauge the student's progress? How do we motivate students to work harder? perhaps you dislike how papers are set in UTAR?

But like what you said.... I think there are people who are successful even though they don't have the qualifications. But, very few I think

Lol don't think too much.. once you graduate there ain't anymore exams to gauge you. You study so long d, this is the last 'paper' you need to get. =)

buttercup said...

haah.. after the conversation I supposed u know better what's the problem now. I didn't say that they can't have exam, but they should have it in a better way. Not cramping things into such packed time and trying to get the students asses to go on.

MyKy said...

Oh, then the American system would work better no? Got coursework marks as well as the final exams mark

andrew said...

i think exams are there as a generalized form of grading a person's worth. I agree with Uncle B-cup, exams kills, talent and creativity. But i think, the secret is studying something you really like. You seriously dont mind taking photography exams rite?, hehe. Think about it.

smiley said...

hurm...then i guess you must really really love your spanar and bright yellow helmet huh. =)

mt said... is unbelievable that kenny feels stress.Exams are not meant to kill you,it is a channel for you to show off your knowledge and ability in the field that you are in.Though it is normal to have a little stress,but it definitely warrants some soul searching if you are paranoia about exams.People often think that US system does not place importance on exams but I can tell you that it is definitely untrue,a significant portion of your grade comes from exams,although more emphasis is placed on coursework.Unless you are not in for traditional professional jobs,you have to face exams and it is by far the best way to gauge a person's performance.Haha,I always see that those people who do not excel in studies nor any other fields that are always complaining that exams are unfair,it kills their talent and so on.But,those are really cheap excuses that one can find to cover his/her weaknesses.Undeniably there is a certain missing link in most Asian education systems that impedes independent learning and creativity,but exams are definitely not the culprit.Just my two cents worth,no offense. Anyway,I trust that Kenny you are not such a person and I believe that you have are talented and you just need more motivation.

Min Soon said...

I know just what you mean Kenny.

They should.. give small exams every single day, the top 10 get to have chocolate and sex with the hottest girls/teachers as an reward. (For some of you, guys.)

Think about it.... education motivated by sexual urges.. it would help fight the notion that asian males are not good in bed as well. WIN WIN !

Then when the Final Exam comes, it's a piece of cake. All that daily reinforced memory will breeze through the exam like it's nothing.

If every student allocated even 1/10th of the time they spend dotaing and facebooking and watching youtube videos in studying everyday, it would work out.

buttercup said...

to all:

Well, how if an exam makes someone you dear go haywire? i dun mind failing every single paper because i know it's not worth all my time there.

Making people dear to you often under stress is what I don't like to see at all!

Keep it all short, I thank you all for concerning, but, you all know nothing at all regarding the matter I'm concerning of. However, thanks again.

andrew said...

shiet uncle b-cup, ur soooo complicated. lolz.

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