Monday, May 05, 2008

Facing My Fear And Overcoming It

Just finished my Morale paper and in the ICT Lab in my uni.

Morale paper sure isn't for sane human because, the paper itself contradicting all over the place, to Morale itself! Questions are lousy and stupid, answers are vague and untruthful. LAN subject is always like this. I left the exam hall about an hour earlier. Hopefully what I've done in there are enough for me to pass.

Certainly enough, I've earned myself about 3 hours plus before my second paper, Metabolic Biochemistry. I shall use this 3 hours to the fullest and bring this subject down.

Wish me best of lucks. (Thank you y'all first ya!)


MyKy said...

LAN paper memang like tht wan la. Just pass can jor

buttercup said...

hahaha.. tht stupid moral damn tough le. wanna goreng also dunno wat to goreng.

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