Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Proud To Be Malaysian

Recently, many things had happened world wide. Food shortage, as well as the most recent earthquake in SiChuan, China.

Still, I can see that many people, and sadly enough to say, but no offense, are the girls who waste a lot of rice due to one comman reason - Diet. Of course, for guys as well, because of this one single stupid reason, and you waste half of the rice that you were given. Why don't you just ask for a smaller portion when you took the rice?

Many of us don't know how to appreciate food. 40% of people who died in Myanmar recently are mostly children, due to shortage of food while, we Malaysian, happily wasting as much as food as we could. 朱门酒肉臭,路有冻死骨。(Meaning: The rich have spoiled food, while the road has dead thin bodies) People would choose to waste food their way, instead of donating them to the needy. It's ironic, but, it's the fact that's revolving around us nowadays. Just watch around you. And see how many of them finish every thing in their plates. (English - Mandarin)

Next, let's go down to China. It is just over a night, and the death toll raises from 8000 up to at least of 19,000(English - Mandarin). I do hope that many of you are aware of this and possibly, try your best to help to educate people around you to be aware of world issues that will somehow, and soon, relate to us ourselves.

For example, fuel price is rising drastically in the US while Malaysian government still happily and proudly saying that, "We still can dig for another 22 years", which, is indicating that, the fuel price will create another greater height in time to come. Also, TNB's spokesperson stating that, "We will have to increase the electrical bill soon, before we hit the deficit". They just keep on being so proud and thinking of themselves.

I don't know what will happen in the future, but I'm sure of one thing. If all the nation's leader aren't doing anything right now, especially Malaysia's leaders, perhaps we can see WW III in 10 years time. They are just too proud to be Malaysian who are staying outside the Reign of Fire and free from petrol and food shortage problems.

Oh one more thing. I really don't know if Malaysia's government servants use their asses to think or their brains? Or maybe their brains grew at somewhere it doesn't belonged to. They still have time to quarrel over stupid silly stuffs while ignoring the so-called-22-years-of-digging. Many things' prices can hit the sky when transportation's expenses shoot up. Oh no! Here comes the ISA!

God bless Earth.

p/s: I thought in Stargate, aliens from Mars said that we are ready to become the 5th Race in the universe, but it seems to me, NOT.

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minee said...

As empty vessels make the loudest sound, so they that have the least wit are the greatest blabbers.

friends are not meant to be used. stay in your hole and dont tell the truth to others then.

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