Tuesday, May 06, 2008

KLCC Photoshooting

Yeap that's right! Last paper is done! Woohoo~~~ Right after the paper, I came back and grab my camera, and off I went to KLCC. And I just realised one thing today, which is that, one is prohibited from snapping photos in KLCC, especially those DSLR users. Luckily enough, I did some research before I start snapping. Else I'll be kicked out from KLCC.

I wanna buy a fish-eye-lense

I'm still waiting for you...

Love is above everything

I reached there about 1730 hours and the sun was still shining bright and high in KLCC. So I was walking around trying to find the best angle that I can snap some pictures. After a while, I went to eat Genki Sushi... Sad enough, alone again T_T. Took a picture inside there.

So, I did spend quite a long time eating, since I was alone, I ate fairly slow and trying to savour every Ringgit that I've dumped in. After I finished eating, it was about six something but the sky was still bright. And so, I took a walk into Petronas errr... can't remember what's it's name suddenly. So ngam, there was a launching by Dr. Jolly for his art gallery. So I just signed the guessbook and went in.

"Hi sir, are you from the media?"

"Errr... no."

Apparently, I started to have the professional look, even if I'm NOT HOLDING MY CAMERA! Hahaha! Suddenly felt so pround for no reason. Some of his artwork very very abstract and I find them funny but this one, I think it's worth the trip I made it there.

Hang Li Po by Dr Jolly (Don't laugh, his name is really Jolly!)

Now, what you're about to withness, is something that happened (the following 3 pictures) within 10 seconds plus minus. I just can't find a word to describe that kind of feeling when I see the sky changing from orange to grey, and from grey to black. Magnificent(Hopefully I spelt this correctly)!


Let me shine your path

About 2000 hours, I can't really tahan already and that's when I made up my mind to go back. Let me tell you guys one thing. If you haven't seen KLCC in the night from close distance, you must. I would like to rate that view as one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Can imagine how good is it? Must watch! Trust me!


MyKy said...

Woohee! I know i know KLCC looks amazing upclose at night!

So... bila mau come my house and take pictures of me gundams? Hehe

buttercup said...

hahaha! show me the Money money money!! hahaha! sounds like a song. hahaha!

can can.. but must arrange time la..

Jun Xue said...

woo nice pics.. i comment more when I am free yea.. hahahahha!

Samuel said...

where is my beautiful, sexy, hot chick super model!! lol:D

btw... the love is above ereything.. should zoom in more..

buttercup said...

haha! okies!

LOL! I wanted too. But that will cost me about another 2k. I'm broke. haha!

Pei Ying said...

really nice pics...
why r u in biomed...
pergilah photography or something =p

smiley said...

*sobs wiping the tear at the corner of my eyes and pats b cup shoulder*
Good Job.

buttercup said...

haha... no money buy gadgets.. u sponsor i go.. hahaha!

@.@ why the sonny sounds like the one in err... I,Robot?!hahaha!

iamwen said...

i've read your blog for quite sometime~ and btw i'm peggy's friend~ this camera perform good in high iso~ i think if you use a tripod~ you could set the iso to 100 or 80 to get less grain, and use f/8.0 instead of f/4.5 to shoot landscape picture to get the object in front or behind to be clear~ just some opininon~ ^_________^

buttercup said...

oooo~~ Thanks alot ya! It'll be helpful for me de.. thanks o~ I'll take note of that...

and.. actually that day i lazy to bring tripod. HAHAhahaha! So big and heavy. haha!

Thanks again ya!

p/s: I like your pictures too, especially those on how you took Peggy, it's very nice.

nylus said...

wooo... iamwen oso comment here ka?

i like your picture of the twin towers, especially the second one...has a slight 2 tone shade in the sky... tho there's some benda asing on the right.. hehe..

buttercup said...

haha! thanks o~~ yeah... it's really hard to take at a fixed position cos my camera is placed at grouind level and it's hard to see.

and i hate the 2 building beside KLCC. It really blocked the view very very very very much!

Wai Loon Kwan said...

yor! kenny has become the professional photographer... i'm so proud to be your friend... T,T

your 'i'll shine your path' makes me feel very sad... i dont know why.. maybe because i think the lamp is doing a very good job eventhough no body has never notice and care of its existance... and the lamp is all alone in its position... i would be very happy if there is another lamp as companion by his side...

wow, it's just a normal picture but somewhat it makes me learn another new thing in life.... which is.... you think yourself la.. haha... T.T i miss you all very much btw...

buttercup said...

hahah! yeah i know that picture is sad, if you can feel wat i feel when i took tht pic. hahahaha! amazingly that, you felt it! haa!

Jun Xue said...

hahahahah WASSUP YOOO!

Hmm for that picture wailoon spoke off... I didn't feel anything for the lamp lor. On the contary, I was more focused on the leaves.. and the picture gave me a very homely feel. Lol! Feel like... there's warmth from the lamp which protects it from the darkness...


Especially with your music on. .ahhah!
THose KLCC pics.. fucking good.. must teach me how to take them maannnnnnn

You got use tripods?

SO DAMNN NICE>>> I feel like learning more from you.. ahahha if got free time

buttercup said...

lol! i actually have the same feeling as wailoon about tht lamp lol.

and leaves?! where?! hahahaha!

yeap! no tripods are used! so the outcome actually not tht good. if got tripod it'll be much better! haha!

come we can go take pics together! and learn from each other dude! haha!

Jun Xue said...

There.. got leaves... dead leaves near the lamp.

buttercup said...


*speechlesss* hahaha!

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