Sunday, November 09, 2008

Biolog Phenotype MicroArray Seminar In Malaysia November 2008

Now, I should somehow, explain my disappearance for the last whole week rite? Haha. Here are some pictures might give you a better idea what I'm doing for the past whole week.

There was this Biolog Phenotype MicroArray Seminar organised by my company Focus Biotech Sdn. Bhd. for the ASEAN distributors, as well as some end users in the Royale Bintang Hotel, The Curve. Yeap, I was in The Curve for the PAST WHOLE WEEK! Can you imagine how scary is that?!

I would say that I'm working on average, starting 0730 till at least 2330 everyday. It's really tiring as the next day, as you can see, have to wake up at least an hour earlier to wash up and drive; night time bath and sleep(it is normally about 0030 by the time I go to bed).

We have people from Biolog(the States), Korea, Japan, the Philipines, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Columbia, India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and of course, Malaysia. It's my first time to having to speak to so many people from so many countries, with different slang and accent, with different culture and everything. It's really an invaluable experience!

Now, let's talk less and go to the pics (many of the pics are out of focus though, still learning how to use my flash best):

We did a little experiment in MUST University and had a group shot in front of it

I somehow like this shot

Distributors listening tentatively to Cody

Oh! We also had one of the dinner at Tamarind Spring! That place is really really heaven to couples! Sad that they don't allow me to photoshoot there. But I had asked. I can bring models there, with permission. Hehe.

I feel like Harry Potter at Tamarind Spring when eating at the dining table

Lunch @ the Royale Bintang Hotel. Bird, you recognise who's this?

We also brought them on sight seeing, and above is Dr Stacy trying on a Durian Dodol. She did not finished it in the end. LOL!

One of the days, my boss and I brought Chris and look around. This shot taken in Batu Caves

We later had a coconut each to cool down. And this is the nicest coconut, with a lot of fresh coconut water and soft flesh. Yummy!

Just on the way we come down from the top of Batu Caves, a lot of monkeys appeared

They like chocolate too!

Before the day ends, we brought Chris to Petaling Street and get some cheap good Britling and Rolex


buttercup fansi said...

ooi?? come leng sis is dere geh????!

buttercup said...

haha.. she working in MUST ma.. hahah.. and her boss send her here gua.

Samuel said...

where is my fake rorex!!

u lied to me kenny...u said u get me present!!

forget it! we are done!

*slamming the door sound*


buttercup said...

the present.. i can only give you when we night.. it's white white de...

it's... the star... mauahahahhaha!

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