Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dota Pro

I was playing Dota on GG just now and someone actually come out with this. It's rather creative, and entertaining too.


"I still remember that you say Base is the only castle"


"All smilling and running along with teammates"


"It is best to call me when you want to BS*"

不要哭让Pit Lord带著你逃跑

"Don't cry, let Pit Lord bring you to the escape route"


"Pro in team is always the best alliance"


"Go back to base and count how many had killed is the best"

*BS - Backstab

p/s: Today Dota whole day, played more than 10 games, only 1 lost. Suddenly feel so pro. Haha!

Haha... what you think? Nice? If you can read in Mandarin it'll be even better. Arrgghh.. a bit nervous for tomorrow's wedding photoshoot. I will do my best, and I am doing my best! Yosh!!!!


Jun Xue said...

hahah you're getting damn good at the game it seems lol! Next time when we play you're on my team hahahah!

A shame that my comp can't display chinese characthers.. lol

loon said...

aik? how come? you din installl finish the language thingy?

hm..i wonder what mode you playing
ar mode?

Samuel said...

kenny come with play... then that time u wont feel so pro d :D

how come all write chinese wan??

buttercup said...

JX: LOL! I am still noob from time to time! HAhah!

Loon: hahah! gor AR got AP. But tht day really AR alot. But lucky also la got a few good heroes. HAha!

Sam: I got put translation ma. No meh?

yeehuai said...

hahahhahha jay chou's song lyrics laugh die me hahahhahahha =P

buttercup said...

ya meh? LOL! I din notice le. hahaha!

yeehuai said...

yea the new song 稻香.
I thought u understand thats why you thought its entertaining lol

yeehuai said...

回家吧 回到最初的美好

the original lyrics

buttercup said...

LOL! hahahaha... I some more ask the person if he actually wrote this and he says yes. =.=

calvin said...

kenny so pro ady ar??
of course la.. play everyday.. morning noon n night oso play.. zzz
lai lai.. u in my team too~ xDD

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