Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thean Yow & Ai Wah's Wedding - 29th November 2008

Okies! Luckily still get to post this in time. Went to a wedding dinner again yesterday at Restoran Palm Grove, Klang. Enjoy the pics ya!

This flower girl has a pair of beautiful eyes

Saw that one in blue?

...and this one

Haha. Thought finish already rite? Not yet. See the rest of the pictures at my Facebook, or another blog.

p/s: Girls, don't worry. I'm trying very hard to find leng chais at wedding dinner. If I have I will snap. Plus, I don't really like camwhoring at wedding dinner, so, see la if you all are lucky enough in my next wedding dinner. Haha!


loon said...

tak guna.... purposely lead us to another site to view pictures.. to promote the site... hahhaha

loon said...

oh kiddy leng lui... go for it lar... wait what o...

buttercup said...

hahah.. tht's the purpose ma. ngek. Plus, if i need to put pics at both place need to upload twice. Lazy. haha!

errr.. the kiddy leng lui u mean the first pic ar? cannot la.. she too young liao.

Hurley said...

since I've already visited your blog, you should intro me that chic =P

buttercup said...

LOL! you mean tht chick in white? guess what? I also don't know who she is.

since you have the charm, why don't you do the introduction and introduce her to me?

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