Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Must See The Video!

Just a bit of sharing here. I had just spent RM 320 for my camera again, and I'm going to shoot for a wedding this coming weekend. Wish me good luck ya! Haha!

We have mat rempits on roads, and Tunku Abdul Rahman College have new course. It's the basic stuntman course. Fee, FOC. And, to your entertainment, I proudly present you, the Sohais from TARC!!!


marccus said...

Good luck for the shot =)

Wakaka, it's funny when he dropped XD

buttercup said...

hey.. thanks alot! haha..

yeah.. damn stupid ppl la those. i hope he did fell and roll until S block.

H@n W31 said...

just saw from my friend's laptop.. really a funny video afterall.. lucky i'm not the one sitting on top.. (always cross my mind about stunts similar to the video.. lol)

loon said...


i thought it will be nothing in the end... merely stupid stun... who knows... pop, kliang kliang kliang... accident.. lolz!

new style wei, new style....

nylus said...

omg... @__@

buttercup said...

han wei:
yeah yeah! but, you can consider too doing tht. lol!

really. at first i was like about to screw cacing for sending me such boring clip liao. just the moment right b4 i text him, "bang"!! muahahahahah!

nice le? hahaha!

Tom said...

love it!thanks

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