Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peter & Siew Li's Wedding - 16th November 2008

As you know(maybe, maybe not), last Sunday I went and became the wedding photographer for a couple, namely Peter & Siew Li. Congratulations to them both!

I got this job unexpectedly from my colleague. He recommended me to them. Hopefully I did not let them down. Gaahaha!

I had covered a wedding before but, it wasn't as tiring as this time. Perhaps, it's because the first one, I helped out my cousin sister and hence, I had no tension. Secondly, I'm not paid, I had no tension.

In this case, it's totally the opposite. I had never met them. I'm paid (RM300 only; don't worry, no money to chia you cause I had already used up the money to buy equipment). It's seriously a whole lot of pressure to me. The night before I didn't get a good night sleep. I woke up almost every 50 minutes, afraid that I'll be late.

However, I am still manage to do my part throughout the whole day. With a little headache and a photographers'-worst-nightmare happened to me, I managed to get all things done. It's a damn good learning experience though. Below are some pictures I took that day. Do tell me, if you are the customer, would you like these compose? Tell me the truth ok? It's important for me ya. Arigato gozaimasu~

I like this shot

Thristy? Trust me, you won't want to drink this. Luckily that day I'm not his "brader", else.. can cirit-birit a few days. These girls are scary!

"Demon" in Disguise - check out that thing that she's holding

And see his expression you'll know if it tastes good

Peter & Siew Li with Siew Li's parents

I like this one too!



Anyone like this kind of effects?

This is one of the shots that I like too. Why? Notice an angel is inside there? She's hot! Really hot!

I purposely did not crop out them and made it like this. Ok?

For more pictures, kindly sign in to your Facebook and visit here. Wait! Don't go away first. If you had noticed, I had a new blog! I will post pictures of events that I had and will be covering there --- Snappin' Your Memories.


loon said...

ar, i've been waiting for this entry... hehe...

first of all, the second pic. the girl is not feeding chocolate hor? if chocolate i dont mind being a one day heng tai for him ar.. ahhahaha

then, the car shot with erm, 'flowers' was ok to me..

thirdly, their parents ar not smiling.. next time you should ask every member taking photo to smile =)... i think it's ok to ask them smile... try to crack a joke la... or say something good la..

next, the bride in the car... notice there is a reflection of a guy? hm... i dont think it's a perfect shot.. but, it's good, it's good, if you customer is not fussy like me...

hm, the doll with two faces at the back... nice shot... but unfortunately i feel, it's too obvious that the too person is actually a pic.... which makes it imperfect... again! dont forget that i'm a fussy customer...

ok then the blurrist effect with papers dropping down... did you snap some normal wan with no effect for the couple? maybe the couple doesn't like that effect...

the last picture! his posture is wrong.. should hold her waist... not the arm.. it looked weird...

hm, finally... err... i'm a fussy customer which quite prefer perfection... averagely, i think you did a good job alr... but still need to improve here and there. that's all! hopefully i gave not to much of negative comments which made you sad... lolz!

Samuel said...

kenny.. when you gonna be the one that get photograph by people.. lol :D

i am waiting to give u newspaper in angpow as 'lai si'... :D

buttercup said...

wow... a long one. haha. firstly, yes, that's not chocolate. from wat i heard, it's MIXTURE OF DUNNO-WAT-FRUITS. and those tht eaten say can die. LOL!

the flower.. errmm.. lol! and yeah, 3rd one is a good suggestion.

tht guy purposely put there one. to indicate tht she's talking to someone and just not staring into blank.

and I can't order them where to move lol! it's their big day. tht's what a photographer does. To capture the moment that they themselves dont' realise.

I haven't got the time to snap the one w/o effect cos.. they boom tht thing damn blardy fast. sad can?

the last pic... LOL! many said so. and all your comments helped. especially the 3rd one.

sam: wah? so cheap meh? dun la.. LOL!

smiley said...

Peter is sorta cute!
how old is siew lee?
ohoh , urm...no i dun like tat effect.
It looks a lil like your hand shaky and the photo came out blur.
and the bride in the car, is a nice pic but then the bride dun look like a bride, her face so oily =.="
out of all i will only approve 1st 7th pic
i feel so bad la but see---->

"Below are some pictures I took that day. Do tell me, if you are the customer, would you like these compose? Tell me the truth ok? It's important for me ya. Arigato gozaimasu~"

you say wan ah!!!
so urm...yea.

No offence *heee*

loon said...

hhahahha! 7th picture is the easiest picture to snap.... i also approve it... lolz

bout the bride in the car.... ic... i get your idea now.. hm... interesting...

the blurry effect.. the one where pieces of papers dropping down wan.. it'll be perfect if the subject is clear and the other elements is blur.... rite rite?

anyhow, what's the comment given by your customer? don forget to make a nice hard cover album out of it... instead of just burnin in dvd for them k? some ppl likes both soft copy and hard copy.. haha

iamwen said...

you invest money on the wrong item i think. Kit lens itself is not enough to cover the whole event. you will at least need a big aperture lens. Why don't you spend money on a 50mm 1.4 lens. i think you can do better with the lens. in fact a speedlite still doesn't help much if you are not good in using it. Learn more about composition and lighting, and it will helps a lot.

if want to tell the truth, i think you are too new to take any job yet. Do more research on other people's picture and learn more in order to find some freelances.

no offence XD

loon said...

yaya, i agree with iamwen.... although i'm not a pro, but i can see your pictures are somehow still not up to standard... you need to do more research on other pro's photos....

no offence too...

Esther said...

omg wai loon! so much of (constructive) critics! hahahahahah.

you need to have a couple of sure-to-laugh jokes under your belt. because some ppl will look them awkward if they have to force a smile. so if they hear a really hilarious joke, then the smiling faces would look more natural. that's was my sister praised about her wedding photographer la. just make sure don't repeat the same joke to the same customer la.

i don't like the effects of the 9th pic. i do like the 7th pic best.

and, number your pics!! so hard to keep recounting after each comment

buttercup said...

haha.. fyi, one of the make up artist actually told me that the so-called-hand-shaky-picture that i took, looks like one of the pic from one of the mag. LOL! thakns for the comments anyway.

I dunno how old is he and siew li. LOL!

first of all, refer to my reply to rachel's comment. LOL.

not all pics must have something tht is clear only consider as a nice picture one. LOL. hmmm.. tht's the "artistic" part tht some ppl see some ppl don't. haha.. so hope customer does see tht.

haha.. initially i din intend to take the job but my colleague had promised his fren so.. no choice lo. haha. still learning how to use the flash though. and tht 50mm F1.4, it's still way beyond my budget. still saving money for it. ahaha.

and i am still doing freelance FOR FREE for some people. haha.

loon (again lol!):
haha. hmmm.. yeah i know. but then again, just by seeing ppl's picture only provides you with the idea. and those pictures taht you can see online, those are really from pros tht had alr involved in tht line a few years at least.

secondly, ground experience is damn important too. Why? different place have different lighting. Even if you have exactly the same light bulb, and you install it in diff place, the effect can be a total different. Hence, I would rather do more of errr... front line thingy.

LOL! your first line is funny. haha. hmm.. i gotta eat more siao pills so tht i can tell jokes lol! I was very tension too tht day. seriously. cos some unexpected stuffs happened tht day and kept me worried since morning till the moment i put down the camera in midnight.

and you said "just make sure don't repeat the same joke to the same customer la". LOL! I bet I won't want to see the same customer twice for the similar event!! haha!

hmmm.. hopefully the next time i remember i will place a number there! LOL!

Thank you all! muacks~

Fang Chin said...

Don't like the effect of the 9th pic too. Lol, but I'm in no position to judge. Haha, wai loon, the last pic, the groom looks like he is groping her boobs instead.

loon said...

hahaha... see... most of us doesn't like the effect of the 9th... looks so like background for some poster or sth only...

erm... actually fang chin, i also think the same way... just that i dont dare to speak out... hhahahhhaha..

buttercup said...

Fang Chin:
LOL. Based on the survey here. Hmmm. I shall safely say tht I should avoid it liao. hahaha.

Fang Chin and gorilla:
yeah.. LOL. I tot so thoo when I was editing the picture.

smiley said...

aiyer !!
which mag is tat la?
i want to see.
199* what wan ah???????
* smacks forehead*
rachel!!! you did not just say that.

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