Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan: Dim Sum @ Ipoh

Continuing post from my Ipoh trip, today I'm gonna eat alot and making many of you hungry!

People always say, if you wanna eat dim sum, go Ipoh! Why? Because dim sum in Ipoh is the best ma! Haha! Let's start drooling! Err.. I mean, you start drooling!

L to R: Aunt, Jane, Uncle, Stephanie

Egg Tart

See MyKy, I still remember you le!

Pork with Chicken floss

Fried prawn


Can't remember what is this, but I just know it's damn nice also

Sotong ball I think

Chicken with herbs

Pork with herbs

Prawn Siu Mai

Ha Gao

Forgot what is this also

Fish balls

Fried meat. Damn nice too!

Some sort of fried dumplings

Zhu Cheong Fan

Stuffed Vege


Sharing something with you. Nope, Nokia ain't paying me anything. But I feel that it's funny + fake but still funny. Credits to Ray.


Glowworm said... very hungry now!! i wanted to go to ipoh to eat dim sum very long d but still no chance..arghhhh

buttercup said...

lol! haha.. hmmm, I would say, it's worth the trip!

and make sure you get your camera/video ready. hahaha!

Samuel said...

sei kenny... I will sue you for causing my stomach so much misery :D

hoplite said...

Hope the word "da zhang" (war) is not in your mind when u r eating all these...i can stil remember the way you chew a full mouthful of food in ur big mouth and said: "da zhang yao chi kuai dian", -.-" Anyway, glad to be stil in Ipoh now, wahahaha...

buttercup said...

LOL! Happy sue-ing. Hope the court approve your file! hahaha!

LOL! haha.. no no! i enjoy. tht's why can know tht it's nice.

H@n W31 said...

waloa.. so nice to see so nice to eat.. too bad i werent there.. >_<

buttercup said...

haha. don't worry. find one day all go up there lo. haha!

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