Sunday, August 31, 2008

Photoshooting @ Botanic

It was actually a very last minute decision in conjunction of a long stretch of Merdeka. Happy Merdeka Malaysia! So, I've called up a few person and wooot! Here we go.

My models are namely Cherry, Yvone and Gorilla.

Took this early in the morning

Cherry and Yvone

Cherry and Yvone





These are the models: Cherry, Yvone and Gorilla Kwan







Botanic Jump!

Acting cool

The Handsome and The Beauties



This pose damn hard to do. I had to switch all my weight to only my left leg

This one almost fell down too

Bruce Gorilla Kwan

He can always find a way to kill boredom

F = International Language

F = Fighting

He found another toy

Stayfree, Stay Gorilla

Well, that's all for today. Hehe. Consider ok rite? Hopefully I can improve further in time to come! Yosh!!!


Jun Xue said...

I like the pictures!I haven't really researched taking photos of people so.. cna't really comment hahahah!
and about time you take more photos of girls.. ahhahaha (btw I like the first pic!)

I like the one you posing too.. hahaha! The martial arts one.

And one last thing. WTF wai loon look so thin! My semangat to train membara again.... wuahahhaha!

MyKy said...

Hahahaha nice pics!!

buttercup said...

jun xue:
hahahahahahaa! the martial arts one really hard to do. because the place to stand, can onli place 1 feet. but i made it! muahahah!

and yeah.. wai loon damn geng alr. come back and kick his ass!

myky:haha.. thanks. buy ur camera and sell your gundams!

Mt said...

Haha,Kenny,the girl in the black dress is pretty.Lucky ass Kenny....

Jun Xue said...

hahahaha I wanted to comment on one of the photos but since you labeled most of them as either yvonne or cherrie... ughh.. nvm.

Lol I know he damn geng d... then why you think I didn't go back this year? LOL just kidding ahhahaha. I must traiN!!!

Wai Loon Kwan said...

sweat.... dont have to la, sprain my ankles... going to take about 6 months to heal... maybe wont heal.. i dont know.... cos now the pain getting worse...

maybe next time i should really "stayfree" lolz...

advertise for pads....

Samuel said...

Why put a gorilla there... potong steam betul la... lol:D

but the sanitary pad.. still okay...

sanitary pad can stay... all others.. hahah


buttercup said...

hahaha! she saw your comment lo! hahah! she came to my house and take the pictures just now.

LOL! cos too many pictures alr and mostly are all posing so i dunno + lazy to think what to write so just put names lo. hahaha!

hey.. i'm thinking of sending the picture to them lo! to the manufacturer!

hahahaha! no choice lo... have to put something fugly there to make the gals prettier rite? hahahahaha!

joking la~

AV Girl said...

Wailoon.. you look a like Jay Chow !! Seriously. If I use my hands, and cover your mouth, YOUR UPPER FACE, YOUR EYES, LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE JAY CHOW !!!!!!!!!

So cool and funny !! <3

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...!! <3

buttercup said...

av girl:
muahahahahhahaha! yeah my mom said that too. LOL! and and.. who are you are av gal? >.<

iamwen said...

great improvement. but color still can PS a bit i think.. nice!

Chuck said...


buttercup said...

hahahaha! my PS really terrible de.. must learn from pro like you ppl la...

can teach? hahaha...


andrew said...

baby B!! hey the photo composition is good and the gurls are beautiful but I feel that you could use a shallower depth of field for your portrait pictures. You want to focus on the beautiful gurls, not on the trees -___-ll. Good try and keep up the good work!

MyKy said...

Eh, can i take the girls photo? I wanna post in the forum, "Malaysia Most Pretty 2008"

buttercup said...

hahaha! yeah. I had been trying to do so. first of all, i think that the focal length i'm using might be a very first problem.

secondly, the lowest F stop i can use is 4.5, will that be a problem too for this?

eh? you want to take u can take la... but make sure u dun simply do things lo... hahahah! link back here!!! hahahahaha. wanna earn a bit nuffnang ar.. >.<

MyKy said...

I just take and post only..
k la i put link there.
U earned b4 from nuffnang?

MyKy said...

Here's the link :)

AhLongGe said...

Not Bad Kenny.. Ur Photoshop skill also not bad wor... hahah...

ButTeRcUp said...

hahaha... ok ok. i will go see now.

hahaha.. u laugh at me la you... me so noob. got time must learn PS from you also.

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