Friday, August 01, 2008

Hungry Ghosts

A few days back, I came back from work kinda late. I ate at the Chinese stalls near to my apartment.

At there, I ordered my food, I sat down and looking staring observe people as usual. And then, this girl came in and sit not too far from me.

She's not bad it seems. Tall, fair, not too thin, not too fat. Long hair. I stared observed further. She eats fast. Almost at my speed of eating. That's amazing dude!

I wonder how many more girls who can eat at such speed, but still, looking good at the same time? Although she might look a bit errr.... girls-not-supposed-to-eat-so-fast-and-like-me? Well, I don't really mind if girls eat a bit too fast, like me. As long as it's not gluttony(this means hungry ghost-type of eating rite?) then I can accept la~ Haha! I don't mind sitting there and watch her eat.

p/s: Gate of Hell should be opening tomorrow, I think. Hungry ghosts all over the places. Don't stay out too late peeps. No 24-hours McD. No late football game. Nay, I'm not really that superstitious. Who cares!!! I'm hungry too!


Min Soon said...

AHahahahha that girl probably just got released from a strict diet regimen or something. xD

Eating fast is one thing.. making sure it's digested well is more important. I still remember bio classes in form 5, about how some enzymes in our saliva help digest the foods... like amylase ! xD

buttercup said...


MyKy said...

I can finish eating WanTan Mee (2 and a half biji), in 1:30 minutes.

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