Monday, August 11, 2008

Rusted BM

Wow. Remember my post just a few hours back, stating that I had just done my translating job and sent to my boss/evaluator? He/she replied in about 2 hours time, and marked out all my mistakes.

Seriously, a lot a lot of mistakes. You know, 4 years didn't really touch BM, and about 2 years didn't watch TV, can you imagine how much I missed the subtitles that appeared on the TV screen? It's just so unimaginable.

And one hard thing is that, it's from Mandarin/Cantonese to BM. T_T Everything about BM had already rusted. For example, instead of "dayang", I put "hamba perempuan". Sounds so "pro" rite? Haha.

I hope he/she will gives me another chance. But I also need to reschedule EVERYTHING. Yes, everything. The time is not enough. I'm Cup, ButterCup.

It's really a challenging job.


Jun Xue said...

hahahahah! Hamba perempuan... lolx

buttercup said...


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