Thursday, August 07, 2008

'TAKNAK' The Parody

Well, when you didn't say 'No', it doesn't mean that you want it or you like it. And, in this world, many many many people likes to take advantage on people who don't really know how to say 'No! Get your anus out of my way KNNCBB you MF!', and hence, they get bullied. It is not that they are not able to fight back sometimes, it's just that they don't want to spoil the whatever relationships had built up for so many years based on a strong foundations.

Seriously, when it comes to monetary especially, small amount is fine. But big amount is really something disheartening and the worst part is, "Why you guys are doing this? Can't you see how am I feeling?". Hey see here, it's my blog and I rant here. You have a problem with that? Wait till you see this. How much is a BIG bag of ice, about 5KGs of ice? RM3. Guess how much is a few cups of ice? For my case, RM 43.50. I can have enough ice to keep a penguin alive for at least a week in Africa.

True enough. It's "Can't you see?", even if we have it well-written on our face. OR, all of them actually seen, but don't feel like seeing what's written there. Bah! Forget it. Never again.


Went and see my lecturer in PJ yesterday. Suddenly, this thought of having this one job is just not enough. And perhaps, wanna change it? I think I'm going to do a few more jobs. Going for an "interview" for script translation (don't know if they even wanna see my script), perhaps part time tuition teacher, a part time photographer, a product executive and middleman. One, two, three, ... , wow! 5 jobs at once? Am I sure of this dude? I don't know.

There's actually another job waiting for me to go and understand more about their organisation and bla bla bla. I heard that they give free visits to other countries every year.

Forget about that dudes and chicks. Study now when you can. Really. It's easier for you to climb higher. Of course, all theories no practical, to hell with you. So, start thinking things in theories and practicals. I just hate most of the theories. \(*o*)/

*Keep my fingers crossed* And I think I got thinner a bit, again. Yay!


MyKy said...

Do wat u can. Don't over do it.
5 jobs a day is very the kau lat.
Later u also hai lat

buttercup said...

hahah... well i dunno. maybe i can handle it?

Anonymous said...


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