Friday, August 01, 2008

Eating Dead Cats

Today, we had a meeting again, as usual. This time, boss restricted the flexibility he gave to all of us before this.

"By 0830 hours you all must step into the office. Everyday."

Well, I don't really mind even if they say come at 8am BUT, even if I arrive early (and I really did, all the time, never was late. Except once, I was reading the newspaper in the mamak below while waiting for the gate to be opened. And that also I'm late only for a few minutes.), the gate is still locked up, almost all the time. Ok, never mind about this.

Something kinda make me a little bit sad and disappointed. I mean yeah, it's no body's fault but I just want to shout out here.

I just finished my 4th week here. In these 4 weeks, maybe out of 3 days, every week, my boss asked me to wait for him to go to the office so that he could bring me out to meet customers. EVERYTIME, I waited and waited. It's either suddenly something else came up, and I'm left in the office and DO NOTHING AT ALL BUT PLAY MINESWEEPER, or just Facebook, or, even blogging!!!

I don't mind going into the field on my own, do my own explorations. I can do that and I know it. However, it's an order for me to wait, and so I waited. And today in the meeting, it's not really a direct thing addressed to me but my boss told everyone that, "We have to set rules and regulations, so that the new guys like you both (me and another secretary) can follow."

Hello? What do I have to do all the time? It seems that a lot of the time, I'm doing only office boy's work. I just got my pay yesterday. I don't really think that it's worth what I've done. I've basically done nothing eventhough I have one successful deal at hand already.

Just imagine that sometimes, you'll have to sit in the office and play Minesweeper for 2 ~ 3 hours, I would rather go do something else that's much more productive than just sit and wait.

Get me?

Ok ok.. enough ranting. Perhaps I should really get my ass off for a short jog or what. But I'm kinda lazy. =.=


Min Soon said...

Yah, the classic feeling of being unfulfilled at work.... feeling like you're being challenged enough at work. A lot of people just get demotivated and slump.

How about calling potential customers and try to arrange meetings on your spare time ? Think of newer ideas on how things can be improved or introduced.

Or complete little tasks that might impress your boss, show that you are really dedicated to work and do something for the company.

For example you could redesign business cards for fun. There's no limit to creativity. :D

Min Soon said...

Correction: "you're NOT being challenged" enough at work". Ugh typos... >.<

buttercup said...

It's not that I don't want to arrange or things like that, but it's because that I only barely see a few customers, how can I arrange meetings and make calls everyday to them? they'll kill me dude!

I just need to set free to go into the field T_T

Jun Xue said...

aih aih Patience! What to do... keep reminding your boss lor. Ask him what else you can do (I think you have probably done that many times)

Err... read all the catalogues? research about potential customers...
get to know everyone in the office...

hhmm ><. If still not getting anything out of it change job?

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