Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

There was a few birthday celebration lately and it's really tiring that have to rush here and there. So, let's start with Jolyn's Birthday celebration at Ti Chen, Saujana Hotel.

I look like Kenny Sia here

The girls from short to tall left to right. We have:
(L)Ashley, Sim Mei, Esther Toh, Vanessa, Ann, Esther Kwa, Jolyn and Joey(rite?)

Camwhored before going back

Seriously, had a damn nice meal in Ti Chen, Saujana. Damn rich and luxurious one. Thanks Jolyn.

Next, let's move up to Li Ern's Birthday in Kinsahi, AEON Bukit Tinggi. The environment is nice and I like it's interior design. Just that, I don't like the lighting. So hard to take photo can?

Taken by Li Wei

Li Ern and her present

It makes me feels like I'm back to the Samurai Era of the Japanese

Don't know why I took this. But I think it's nice


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