Saturday, August 16, 2008

To Kuantan Lor~

Ok. So it was postponed to 12pm. Malaysian are always like this. Late, late and late. Only minority like me will arrive earlier/on time.

Seriously, not bragging about myself but I'm part of the minority.

Forget about all those. I'm leaving KL to Kuantan for a 5-day business trip and will only be back on Wednesday night. Hopefully boss will give break on Thursday. In these few days, I MOSTLY will not have the Internet access.

So, if you miss me very much, please leave me more messages or comments so that I can know who missed me most(I guess no one's gonna leave even a "goodbye" message here, heh?).

Now is 0918 hours. Have to Dota to kill time. Damn.

Malaysian is never early


Samuel said...

Yeah... finally... no more B-cup.... bwahahahhaa


Donovan Lee said...

hey, u started working ady? since when? lol. =D

buttercup said...

#$@#% $% you sam. haha! I'm back!!! Your nightmare! buahahahah!

LOL.. i started working about 1.5 months ago lor~

Wai Loon Kwan said...

ok... time to ask kenny to treat..

Jun Xue said...

Eh I also want.....

buttercup said...

gorilla & jx:

wtf.. come find me.. hahahaha! but not all are invited(cos no money ma), only assholes like mentioned are allowed. muahahahah!
and kuantan damn f*cking bored.

Samuel said...

if kenny wanna treat us... den being an asshole once in a while is good also


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