Tuesday, August 26, 2008


"Eh? Where are them?"

I went back into my room and checked again. "Impossible, I never bring them to my room..."

Again, I tried to find everywhere which is possible, but they are not in sight. Out of no choice, I took out my damn blardy old shoes and wore them.

"F**ker! Like this also got people wanna steal."

Out of no choice, I prepare to go to work with my old broken shoes. I met my neighbour and told her what had happened.

"Ha? I saw a pair of shoes at the stairs there wo... I thought got people suicide tim...", there's a large window without glass at the place my shoes were placed.

Without hesitating, I went and searched. It was my shoes!!! Just imagine, what kind of assholes steals people's shoes during midnight, just to wear and try it, and left it there?

I can only think of 3 reasons:
  1. That person (possibly guards) wanted to buy a pair of new shoes during midnight but in the end, he TRIED and realised that it doesn't fit him. So he left it there without returning it to the shoe rack which is gated!! (How the hell this person took it man?!!)
  2. There are a few damn naughty kids around here.
  3. Sleep walk? I don't think so.

Malaysia just have too much of assholes around and waiting to be kicked in their asses. If I ever catch who it is, that person is doomed.


Samuel said...

I put my bets on sleep walking..


no is not you who sleep walking... I mean your shoes...


buttercup said...


why dont u jsut say got ghost le in conjunction of hungry ghost.. =.=

Më| §zë said...

i'm so bad...

Jun Xue said...

Huh? Hmmm maybe someone's playing a prank on you?

Min Soon said...

Or maybe someone is trying to kill you by lacing the base of the shoe with worm larvae, the ones that slowly eat your flesh from within....

They left the shoes at the stairs and waited for you to pick them up...


Pei Ying said...

.......ur friend is so imaginative!
Moral of the story, bring ur shoes inside =)

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