Saturday, August 23, 2008


Really hate people who are not punctual. Fucking wasting people time to do things effectively. And made me late for my appointment too!

Seriously people, I really HATE PEOPLE WHO FUCK WITH MY TIME. Don't you guys ever do that to me as that is the last thing you should do to me.

Here's something for all the people who like to fuck with my time:

Courtesy from Sam


And today I went to Low Yat, guess who I met? It's SmashpOp!!! Woot! He is much taller than I imagined. And his voice is also different from what I have expected. I think girls will fall for him if they meet him in person.


a said...

bcup is gay for loving smashpop

Esther said...

hahah.. did u go up to him and intro urself? why never take pic with him?! lol

"I think girls will fall for him if they meet him in person."
so i'm guessing, you wish you were a girl??? hahahhaha

buttercup said...

i'm loving his photography. LOL.

yeah i did intro myself, just that i forgot to give him my card. T_T.
Naw, being guy is still good. Save alot of cosmetic and shopping.

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