Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cool And Hot = Enough & Wake Up Call

It's not like you always be good to me constantly. Yeah, I think, my eyes are opened, finally. Thanks for making me grow, letting me learn. I've learnt a lot from the process. Different lessons compared to the last time.

NEVER TRUST ANYONE SO EASILY. Of course, the anyone means the person that you like.

Yeah, indeed, I feel like a backup battery for you as you still have hope in him, I believe. I don't wish to stay in your shadow anymore. Regardless what you've done to me, I still advise you, he's not that good. You'll regret. Really. How I wish you can see what I'm trying to address to you but you'll never know what is lying deep in my heart.

I wish that you are stronger, and please do open your eyes bigger. He's not worth your waiting. You'll regret, of course, unless he changed. I'm tired. And there goes my "new chapter of life". You not worth my waits also. I've waited long enough. Fooled enough. Played enough by you. Of all the failures I did, you are the only "failure" that make me feel like a real loser! An imbecile who's waiting for nothing. Hope I'm not that stupid anymore after this.

Firstly, I would like to say sorry to people like Kin Wai, who's always there :"Kenny, go go go! Don't let go!". I appreciate your helps a lot but I think it's time for me to end my misery. I would also like to deliver my thanks to people like, Ley Ching, Pauline, Pei Sze, Shwu Woan, not forgetting Manpreet, for being supportive and lead me to an opening. Thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

hey u din thank me?? haha jkjk.
here goes a chapter of accidents! good luck oh!

buttercup said...

oh my.. did i miss you out.. by the way.. which anonymous is this? lol.. paiseh.. tx tx!

ShinD said...

So kenny? You've made up your mind? Am worried about you. You sure you're okay? If you're not, you can always ring me. Tho its 3am in the morning.
You know, it does take time to know what lies behind people esp people that you love. BUT that doesn't mean, EVERYONE is like that. So, I will say don't shy away from love itself. okay?

Jun Xue said...

yep yep i defintely agree with shind.. gambate!! Don;t let this experiance scar you too much. ohohoho.. such is life.. hahah! Good luck in your exams

buttercup said...

to shinD n Jx:-
yeap! I'm doing fine! know wat? I wrote a msg asking her to go away in my msn personal msg... and she saw tht.. but she asked me who is the one tht i wan her to go away from.. err.. get wat i meant? i was so shock! lol... cos she never asked! but she did tht day! scared me to death! lol.. tx everyone! I'm still looking forward to "her". A good new one! God bless everyone!

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