Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I'm just very confusing now. Very. From one of my friend I heard, they still like each other very much and the guy still call her often. O_o "'

I don't know what am I now. You treat me so well out of a sudden. I'm really confused. Why can't you just tell me or sms me what you are thinking of? I am really really really confused. I don't know what to do. When I was informed that you and him still in touch(which I'm not very sure of) , I realised that I still like you pretty much. I don't know how far can it go.

I was thinking for days, giving her a chance also giving myself a chance isn't it? But now, out of a sudden, this one.

My rational & logic are very clear about everything, except the followings: Why you treat me so good suddenly? Is it that you are treating everyone the same or I'm the only one?

I need the answer. If I can't get the answer in these days, I think I might ask you, but not now. I might. I'm just got stucked in the middle of a seperated path. To go on with the left lane or with the right. I just don't know which to choose. I need that answer to help me to choose it.

I hope to end this kind of feeling fast, either with a happy ending, sad ending, or a new chapter of my life. Either one.


kinwai said...

Wah!! so proud la to be mentioned in your blog!! I know, tht couple's me rite? hahaha!

as usual first again. haha!

hmmm, at times u might think of the special treatments as hints or some sort. I suggest u don't immediately take it as positive 'hints', but reply those treatments. Treat her good as well. Like i've told u la the other day, those things.

Eh, keeping in touch is nothing big la, except if touching, hahahaha. Tht's impossible rite.

well, my suggestion is, take your chance la. don't confess just yet, instead just treat her good and show your sincerity. DON'T ask me how to show your sincerity, it's yours, not mine. haha!

so botak (i'll still call u tht regardless of the amount of hair u having now), good luck! I guess the chance is right before u now, since it was a yes yes no. haha!

Nicevil said...

Kenny, you're a nice guy. So it is only natural that people treat you nice.

I mean.. what do mean she treat you nicer.. Flirt ?? Tickling and excessive laughter ???? Always looking at you???? Saliva dripping from her mouth?????
Private massage ??????

If it's none of those, I am forced to conclude that you've been a really 'perasan' asshole.

psze said...

so bad..dowan tel me...nvm...i very good wan...i tel u wat 2 do...juz like wat kin wai say,u juz treat her good oso.giv her sum 'hints; oso la...if she reli got feel u will sense it wan...keeping touch wif her ex is nth la,wat matter is her feeling.hehe talk like expert oni lol.juz giving my opinion la...ei i noe anot ar da girl?*very pat*

ShinD said...

Err...I will kenny. go on observing. She might be true, BUT she might be fake. I'm sorry i've to be honest with you. You observe and you will now. Time will tell.

buttercup said...

to everyone:-
I'm so sorry man. I think I should stop being a stupid man who dunno what she thinks and worry for nothing. I'm tired. And I'm greatful that you guys cared! Thanks.

And specially for Mins, what you mentioned is from your experiences with Jes****?? Lol! Nvm, let you bomb. What ever you like! Lol.

Nicevil said...

Damn you to heaven~~~!! Asshole !!

Oh, I just saw my name on the friends list. Really, suprised.

Suprised that my name was spelled wrong !! TOH SOUNDS SO STUPID !!

(duh.... liddat)
My name isn't Min Soon Sze Toh...

It's Tho !!

THO !!


Do me a favour, go back to kindergarten and learn how to spell. :)

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