Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Semester Break Is Coming!

Felt so nice, motivated, membara-bara today, thanks to Jun Xue...

To-Do List :

1st : Kick Min Soon's ass when he come back here. (Highest priority)
2nd: DotA with Jun Xue and gang. (Hopefully, and a bid farewell, again for Jun Xue??)
3rd: Training during my semester break.
4th: Fight with Wai Loon.
5th: Learn cooking (Hopefully)
6th: Make my home good.
7th: Get ready for 3rd semester?
8th: Get ready for my San Shou grading.
9th: Find a girl friend? (never mind, lowest priority for now, let which ever her come to me. Lazy to go after you girls for now, at
at least)

Well, you see, I got so many things to do, especially the first in the list (Don't let me see you in Malaysia so early ya, unless you are well prepared). Cooking, hmmm.. making myself more eligible? LOL... Till then... Signing off.


Jun XUe said...

Riighhhtt.. hahah! I totally agree with your number one in the to-do list... Kick Min Soon's ASS!
Come on min soon.. there are four exponents in malaysia awaiting your return.. we thirst for your blood! SUddenly I regained my semangat to train.. Watch me create my own technique!!!
Come on Min Soon show us your abilities!

Well I also like no.2 .. for some ulterior motives.. haha.. MMMOONSTER KILL!!!

No.3 Hahha I have to train too

No.4 hahahh can also... see if I am good enought to defeat wai loon next time..

no.5 SHit.. this time go back UK sure kenna belasah by my housemates.. i din learn.. at all.. hahahha! IT's time for a crash course

no.6 My new "home" that is..:)

No.7 Study related.. will think about that after i get back..

no.8 none of my business but good luck kenny!


Well one might wonder why the hell this stupid jun xue comment so much.. its cos there;s something wrong with MSN Space.. so i can't update my blog.. and thus I am talking all the cock here... hahahahhaha!

buttercup said...

to jx:-
Lol.. haha.. good tht you came up with the idea of dropping ur blog here while MYSPACE sucks-ing some where else. Yeah i can't fight you so it's wailoon since we had a agreement there.. lol. I still so damn agree with the first in to-do list. we all gambade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MinSoon said...

Guys you forget how tall I am now.

Your short legs can't even reach my ass, hah !!

I initially said I would come back when I have a white girlfriend to show off.... but then realised that a person like that would suffer being not used to malaysia's "warm" weather.

So forget that.

I'll come back when all of you have already died, and then I will sing.

"~~I em da sorvivur~~"

At that time let's see how you "Kick MinSoon's Ass When He Comes Back"


buttercup said...

oh man!! he's back in action!!! back in COW-DUNK-ING... if you know wat i mean... duh!! waiting you for so long and this is wat you telling us?? anyway, we are meeting up, as in I and JX.. lol.. haha.. cya around, "survivor".

minsoon said...

I moved to University of Chicago recently. It may be the best decision I have ever made.

So many things to do, so many girls to play* with.

As in sports and stuff, obviously.

Seriously. With 25% of asians dominating the campus, asian babes are everywhere. For the first time.

Oh oh, no blacks dominating the basketball court !

I never thought that was possible.

My eyeballs hurt from excessive professional girl-sight-seeing.

Don't wait for me. You know where I'll be. YahahahahaH...!

buttercup said...

man... play with gals huh??? i think onli kids use the word play.. sigh minsoon.. still long to go.. and i think, I THINK, Asian babes would rather choose americans as their husband than choosing you! you keep on ur lonely work and never come back to malaysia k?

minsoon said...

I used the word "Play" as a joke.. PLAYBOY u know ?? Aisehman.

About girls prefer americans...


But when you're one chinese girl surrounded by americans, it's another fellow chinese you usually say hello to and be friends with.

Just like malaysia, not many Americans that's why they're considered a special thing.


It's not about the race. It's about the person.

If a girl doesn't know that and goes for the "rare goods" she's a dumbass and isn't my type anyways.

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