Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm Packed!!!

Well, it's really tiring ya know since my lat traininig here. Coma an think of it, I got a really pack schedule to follow. I gotta go for Taekwondo on Monday, Wednesday(if possible) and Saturday is a must. Then, Thursday night I got Tai Chi & Chi Gong while on Sunday I got Shan Shou in PJ... Wow... it's really pack for me now. I don't know how can I cope with it. Let's hope that God give me extra strength and stamina.. MAN! Stamina! I haven started my training on that, yet! Gone case! My Shan Shou master gonna whip me. LOL..

Well, home sweet home rite? Home is still the best, just that, I'm always the kakak once I'm back here. Although it's tiring, it's enjoyable. I just fought with my brother, as in you know, practice. Haha.. He got a little bit improvement there. Awaiting Wai Loon, and Horng Tat if possible. Saturday! Haha!

Gotta go. Enjoy you schooling days peeps!

Wait a second.... Where's my DotA training?! Man.. another slot... Sh*t... Gotta find some time for it, darn!


nicevil said...

Drop that tai chi classlahhh, kenny.

Why learn the fake version ?

Want learn, learn from the real deal.

The Chinamen tai chi masters.

Like me.

By the way... my tai chi master is enlisting for the U.S. army to help fund his college expenses.

Yes, U.S. army. Not kidding. Almost all the things I say is true. Just that your brains cannot accept it.

I think he will go into secret assasin squad. Silent killing, you know ?

Those highly trained maniacs that uses a knife and slices your throat before you can even start pissing.

I'm prepared to see Tai Chi in combat action in the future !

buttercup said...

hey mins,... WE HERE DUN CARE when tai chi combat is about to start but we do care about one thing, tht is KICKING UR ASS! better come back malaysia fast! we are all waiting to kick ya! LOL!

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