Saturday, September 02, 2006

UM Revisited

*Six hours ago*

"Did I forgot something? Anything that I should do tomorrow morning?"

After thinking for long, I "decided" that nothing is coming up to me in the morning, at least. Bed time!!!

* Timed at 0920*

**National Service theme song on my Nokia 8250**

On the screen, it read " MH "(someone's name).

"Fuck!!!!" This is the first word that I shouted out once I came to my consciousness. Followed by, "WTF???"

I supposed to get a car from my relative, who are studying in UM for Acturial Mathematics at 0900. I overslept. Fuuu... Buttercup can hardly late for any appointment one... There goes my impression, first impression for my relative that Buttercup is terrible!!!! She like waited me for... 20 minutes? Darn... I feel bad. I just simply do some washing and I rushed downstairs to meet her.

Now here's the nice part.

"You know how to go to Stesyen Universiti right?" she asked.

" O_o||| Errr.... I dunno wo... But you can lead me there...", Buttercup replied.

"Hmmmm ok...", sounded a little bit in disbelieve.

"......", I really don't know what to say or what to do. So, I just followed her instructions.

Here I began my HeavenOfBrokenEnglish: Chapter : UM Revisited. Revisited? Have you ever been to UM Buttercup?? Of course I did. Last year December when I was down to PJ alone to settle the documents for my accomodation now, I ended up in UM, dunno-where-am-I-state, with only petrol that can last me for another 20 minutes?? It was scary that time. As you can see, if your car run out of petrol on the road, you'll need mechanic to do something to remove the air in ur carburator and that means $$$. That time, I got no mood at all to enjoy the beautiful compound of prestigious UM.

Now is a different story. I got a guide here and I'm the driver! I drove kinda slow, compared to my normal driving speed, just to savour the ice-cream for my eyes. So beautiful. If only I had a camera. Let me ask you, how many people can ever make it in into UM? Not many right? But I "made" it! Jealous? I bet you "are". Really nice compound with all the pine trees and bla bla bla.

After some 15 minutes, we reached the station. *Sigh of relief *

"You sure you know how to go back?"

"Yeah I guess so, I'll just take the Federal Highway lo. I know there well". (Actually Iknow nothing!!!)

She left me, again, looks like, in disbelieve. Yeah true, I already stayed in PJ for so long and I hardly travel out from my hostel, unless going to UTAR or training in Seksyen 17. Those are the places I go. Pathetic. But, Buttercup is a smart one didn't I? I recognised the road that taxi driver took me back from Mid Valley long long time ago. Used back the same road and I ended up back in MC!!!

To make sure that I really remembered the road, I took a trip again, back to UM and Station Universiti. While I was in the compound of UM, I suddenly realised something that I didn't notice AT ALL. There was a traffic light, near Tunku Chancellor Hall or something like that.

"Shit!!!! Did I just passed by here just now? Did I violet the law? Did I..... Did I.."

All the questions came out. UM don't have traffic police right? I hope. I don't even know if I went through it just now if it was red. God! How can I be so careless????? I drove on. "Ok, stage UM cleared, moving towards stage Stesyen Universiti."

Finally I'm back again, safely, and without a mistake, to my hostel. Hey, who says Buttercup's memory is bad?? I'm good!!!

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Yes it's me! Its me Chin Suet! Haha! I don't let you view my URL mah. Worry you spam my blog. Nyahaha!

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