Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Friends To Foes

Initially, I was about to post a story. A true story where from friends, they turned into hatred. But in the mid of it, I realised that it's too long for *YOU ALL* to read so I conclude it this way.

It was because some people who are selling-fish, while the other party are trying their best to take care and be there for the other. The care-takers, were very upset and angry with fish-monger because the fish-monger forgo(not forgot) them when initially they planned out everything, prioritising the fish-monger's safety.

Well, as you can see, fish-monger seems to be didn't realise what's happening and he/she eventually sort his/her way out to a problem, forgetting the care-takers. The pain that the care-takers undergo, he/she didn't see it and never knew about it.

See, in our daily lives, we often take things for granted. Some times, when people are about to share their knowledge with us, or any other things else, we like(maybe not all of us), "Aiya, never mind la, me not interested!" Or, when people care for us, we never realise.

But, to me, at least we can do our best to care for the others. We might not even say "Hi" or anything but, it shows when things are being done. From our body language, our speech, our plans. Everything.

It's really sad, to see people from friends turn into foes. Well, life's like this isn't it?

"We never get what we want, we never want what we get. We never have what we like, we never like what we have. Still we live, still we love, this is LIFE" – Anonymous

I hope that we all are able to care for each other, even the people who just walk by around us. We might learn something from them, just in that few miliseconds. I'm still learning too. God bless everyone.

p/s: Hope that you all (those who involved in that case) can get to read this.


duo said...

wa i read also so tau hin hin...what is it all about anyway??

buttercup said...

haha... if i post the original version it'll be worse.. LOL.. anyway.. it's about a group of friends who turned from frens to enemy because certain ppl are selfish... God bless them all!

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