Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Hmmm.. It is not as sad as I thought, BUT, it's a very very nice piece! Really.. Although I'm a bit outdated... Still, I watched it! I like the moral of the story. FAMILY FIRST. I"ll do that, all the time. FAMILY FIRST.

Yeah, holiday started and it sucks. Know why? Cause I'm getting FATTER already... It seems to be.. All my effort... all these while... Where can like that?? I must control!!! The best solution is to go back to PJ.. In PJ, no food, as in no free food from parents. Only two meals a day, unlike here back in home, 4 to 5 meals per day? Why so much? Because food is all over the place!!! Sob!

And I started my "training" already today. Wanna beat Wai Loon by the next few Saturday. DotA doesn't seems to be going well also. Keep on " feedin' "... Darn... So many things to do in holiday but I really feel lazy to do anything. That's why I come back rarely also. Home is the place I relax... LOL... Yeah, I know this is a lousy blog... So sien rite? Never mind.

Since "Click" has taught me, I'll do the best for my family for now. Work hard and smart for them! I wanna excel in 3rd semester also! GAMBADE everyone!

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Young Eagle said...

Yeah...I watched this movie too. I was enlightened by this movie. It has such a good mix of fun and touchy elements. The idea of the universal remote seems totally cool at the start, but when things start to go haywire...life starts to go wrong. You are missing chunks of your life.

Whenever there's light, there's a shadow. Things exist for one another. When your life is in misery - it makes you appreciate the other side.

It's probably destiny or fate that help us pave our lives. Just walk down the road and appreciate the scenary and learn from all the experiences. All the drops, all the drips, every part of your life - it's worth living.

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