Monday, September 04, 2006

Are Those Just Illusions Or Reality??

I don't know what to do or what to feel. Are you trying to tell me anything? As days passes by, you are giving more body language as well as things that I considered as "hints". I wonder how true are them or they are merely my illusions. I really can't tell them apart!

I am kind of blur with what you had and trying to tell me. Shall I or shall I not to take up the "risk" again? There was once I lost my trust in you but, the feeling (good one) is coming back now. I know you are sad, you bearing the pain that I bore last time. I know it is pain and hurting.

I some how, some what hope that this time the feeling is true, but kinda afraid as well that you might hurt me again. Part of me feel like taking up the "risk", repeat what I asked last time, to you and part of me is really afraid to undergo the same pain again.

My dear readers, I really don't know what to do or what to say. I'm not that kind of person who easily let go a relationship but, at the same time, I'm afraid to start one as well. Help, anyone? Thanks!

*The you here refers to a her*


kinwai said...

argh!! your color scheme is such hazards to my eyes!!

nvm... who's the girl. Bah, u won't tell me i know. Look, try to get closer to her, find out if u guys are really compatible or not. How? When u guys are together, do u enjoy doing so? Do u guys laugh a lot together? Were there a lot of silent moments? If it's yes, yes and no, heck go make your move.

if any answers doesn't match, then go rectify it la. Till it reach tht state.

if still can't, forget it. no point trying if u're not happy together.

Hope tht gives u some idea. Eh i do NOT claim responsibility k! But since tht's how it began for may and i, just telling u la.

Anonymous said...

ehhh....... isit nehc again??? hehehe

duo said...

if really got feel just go for it!
lol mis that feeling already!

buttercup said...

to maikai:-
it seems to be a yes yes no... hmmm... I dunno... i'm blur... how true is what i'm seeing? it might all just my illusions!!! LOL

to "annonymous":-
yeah it's nehc...

to duo:-
haha... but it's like, should i or should i not state ya know?? confusing! dun have tht feeling also prob. got also prob.. sigh!!!

psze said...

reli curious who me me who i tel u wat 2 do...hehe

duo said...

ask urself la..if with her will u be happy?if so then ans is yes!thats my opinion lo

buttercup said...

to pz:-
when the time comes then you'll know la but now, I'm really confused d.. haha.. I'm really dumb. real dumb.

to duo:-
happy of course but what is in her mind now I don't know.

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