Monday, October 16, 2006

Close To Death...

I supposed to blog this yesterday but thanks to the LOUSY connection of MC, I can't even log in. Anyway, here's what I want to blog about yesterday:

Today, I am honoured to have the chance to train with San Shou NATIONAL FIGHTER. You know? NATIONAL FIGHTER. He's a little smaller than me (we called him Musang) in the sense of size but, he is powerful and strong. His kicking speed, is God-Like kicking speed!!!

Before I train with him, I saw him fighting with the other guy. They were "fighting" as if they never fought before. Suddenly, he "disappeared" from his view. The next thing happened was, his opponent was down on the floor. Can you just imagine that? And guess what? According to the Master, Musang's speed, was the slowest when he went to compete in China. WOW!!!

Then, it was my turn to train with him. Before that, when I trained with other guys, I was fine. They can't really toss me and I get to toss them. But once I started to train with Musang, *gone case*. First, I didn't get to toss him at all, secondly, he tossed me a total of 3 times in just less than 2 minutes. If he really toss me like he did in his tournament, I'm dead for sure!!!

But it is really great learning from Musang. If he never give chance, I might be lying in UH now. LOL...

Till then.

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