Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Unexpected... Really unexpected. I thought that the "finale" will be the easiest "match" I'll be in but, the truth proved me wrong. It seems that third semester, with only three subjects, is killing at the same time.

It is just... ...TOUGH. Oh well, I can do it rite? No problem. Aim for 4.0 this semester. I hope I can get it. Wish me all the best ya! Muacks!


NiceviL said...

OH Fuck !!

What r u doing kenny !

Get your fat lips away from meh !!

Muacks !!? Wtf !!

Gay !!


buttercup said...

mins.. i doesn't have the intention to kiss ya anyway.. LOL... but welcoming you back, is wat we all are trying to do. COME BACK *Haunt you forever until you come back!*

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