Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm With You

A lot of people seems to be in great depression. Well, life's like this isn't it? Without depression, our lives will become colourless.

One, was heart-broken; one, is undergoing studies problem and stress; one, was and is being controlled by parents in his/her relationship; one, is facing great challenge in UK; etc.

Me, seems to be still so relaxing, but, deep in my heart, the nerves has started to shaken as days gone by. 7 weeks to go and it's Finale for me, as the Lord Finals strikes back.

Well, my dear peeps who are "suffering" from their very own depressions and downs, do not worry, as I'm here with you, sharing your joys and sad moments together. Always remember, BuTtErCUp is always here, for/with you.

Let us all pray together, that we have a great future ahead. We shall and we will, one day, achieve our dreams. God bless!

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